1736 Family Crisis Center
 1736 Family Crisis Center provides intensive children’s services through unique programming provided at one domestic violence shelter, one outpatient clinic, and one 24/7 crisis hotline, within the boundaries of the Las Candalistas funding area. Las Candalistas supports the South Bay Children’s Program which combines age- and developmentally appropriate mental health therapy including clinical assessment and treatment with therapeutic activities (e.g., psychotherapy, art therapy, play therapy, gardening, and free play) provided by and/or under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals. Additional services are provided on an individualized basis, dependent on the specific needs of each child, and may include parent-child therapy, school enrollment and tutoring, referral to medical and dental resources, and other essential aid necessary to address all child needs (e.g. housing, food, education, and legal services when applicable). Serves 450 children annually.