Community’s Child

Community's Child is committed to providing homeless women with infants healthy alternatives to abuse, poverty, addictions and hopelessness.  They offer homeless women and their infants safe, compassionate yet structured living environments. At Community's Child women acquire the education, skills, training, employment opportunities and support services necessary to break the patterns associated with homelessness.

Community's Child also offers Healthy Bags, which provides nutritious foods to more than 250 impoverished food insecure children (and their siblings) attending elementary schools in the South West portion of the South Bay. Every Friday that school is in session, Community's Child delivers bags of nutritious groceries to the schools where the public health nurses, special education teachers, social workers and Principals have identified attending children as being at risk for hunger and malnutrition on the weekends, in their family homes. During the summer months when the schools and their breakfast and lunch programs are closed, they provide up to 500 local food insecure children with bags of nutritious groceries and health education services every three weeks. Serves 1,200 children weekly. Las Candalistas is a supporter of this program.