Providence TrinityKids Care Hospice

“We truly appreciate your support of our TrinityKids Care pediatric hospice and palliative care program. Your gifts have allowed us to provide Necessities of Life to children in need. Thank you for all you do in our communities.”

— Peggy Martin, Development Officer (March, 2018)

Family Promise of the South Bay

“We truly can't express the amount of gratitude we hold for the entire Las Candalistas organization.  Your generous support has allowed us to better serve every child and family in our program. Thank you for your continued commitment and belief in our mission to effectively address family homelessness.”

— Nicholas Rasmussen, Executive Director (March, 2018)

Community’s Child

“Thank you Las Candalistas for your generous support of our Healthy Bags Program, together we are making local food insecure children’s lives healthier and happier:

Dr. Roxanne Chang, Board Pediatrician for Community’s Child, has advised us that the statistics from our health screenings indicate a significant decreased the prevalence of anemia in school aged children enrolled in our Healthy Bags Program; from 27 percent to fewer than 5 percent!
Receiving confirmation that our Healthy Bags Program is effectively improving the quality of life for local food insecure children warms our hearts.
The Healthy Bags we deliver to Torrance and Lomita elementary schools feed 796 individuals per week. The nutritious food in these bags, coupled with our nutrition classes, is providing these children and their families with healthier, happier and more productive lives. School attendance and grades are steadily improving which means these children will now have the opportunity to advance their educations and move on to experience brighter futures.
Gratefully,  ”

— Tara Nierenhausen, Executive Director (March, 2018)

Pediatric Therapy Network

“On behalf of Pediatric Therapy Network, thank you for Las Candalistas incredibly wonderful support towards our clinic-wide therapuetic interventions! We are so grateful for the group's continued belief in our mission and partnership in our work.
We look forward to sharing with you the impact of your gift to our organization and the children and families we serve. Together, with community partners like Las Candalistas, PTN is improving quality of life for children with development disabilities and other medical conditions, one therapuetic intervention at a time.”

— Stephanie Yeun, Development Manager (June, 2016)

Pediatric Therapy Network

“Pediatric Therapy Network is so grateful for the generous support of our Las Candalistas friends. Your sponsorship of Camp Escapades enables special needs children to experience a typical day camp with arts and crafts, dance, cooking, water play and other traditional camp activities. It also helps to defray the cost of the highly skilled professionals required to meet the needs of campers with moderate to severe challenges. Because the cost of hosting this event far exceeds the fee charged to families, PTN must rely on grants and donations to cover the shortfall and keep Camp Escapades affordable for our children. Thank you, Las Candalistas, for supporting PTN in such a caring and compassionate way!”

— Terri Nishimura, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (November, 2014)


“Las Candalistas has been a great supporter of our efforts for the past three years and your generosity continues to bring so many smiles to those we serve on a daily basis!”

— Chad Mayer, Executive Director (August, 2013)

Harbor Interfaith Services

“Since opening our new center in September 2012, approximately 100 homeless and low income children were served. The funding we received helped operate a first-class facility any parent would be proud to send their child to — no matter what their income level.”

— Tahia Hayslet, Executive Director (August, 2013)

Campus Concerts

“Your continued support is greatly appreciated and has allowed us to provide educational programs to a minimum of 15 schools each year, reaching approximately 7,500 students.”

— Pat Maki, Artistic Director (August, 2013)

YWCA Harbor Area & South Bay

“The funds you have provided will help defray the operating costs of a program which allows new mothers to receive diapers, wipes, clothing and other baby necessities on a monthly basis for their children under 5 years of age. Because of your support, we can continue to help these mothers to properly care for their children. We are blessed to have your organization assist us with this vital program.”

— Margaret Hernandez, Executive Director (July, 2013)

Providence TrinityCare Hospice Foundation

“We truly appreciate your support and are grateful to you for giving so generously. Your gift to TrinityCare will make a profound difference in the lives of our patients and families.”

— Barbara J. Roberts, Vice President, Development and Executive Director (July, 2013)