2018-19 Highlights

Take a look at Las Candalistas 2018 – 2019 Year-End Highlights! We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to our having had an incredible year. Because of you, we’re able to make a difference in both our environment and in the lives of children in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Our new season kicked off July 1 2019 and we already have our next fundraiser date. “Celebrating the Seasons” will be held Thursday Oct 17, 2019 at the Norris Pavilion.

The majority of our net proceeds from July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019  helped fund the following programs:

1736 Family Crisis Center: South Bay Children’s Program

1736 Family Crisis Center provides intensive children’s services through unique programming provided at one domestic violence shelter, one outpatient clinic, and one 24/7 crisis hotline, within the boundaries of the Las Candalistas funding area. The South Bay Children’s Program combines age- and developmentally appropriate mental health therapy including clinical assessment and treatment with therapeutic activities (e.g., psychotherapy, art therapy, play therapy, gardening, and free play) provided by and/or under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals. Additional services are provided on an individualized basis, dependent on the specific needs of each child, and may include parent-child therapy, school enrollment and tutoring, referral to medical and dental resources, and other essential aid necessary to address all child needs (e.g. housing, food, education, and legal services when applicable). Serves 450 children annually.

Community’s Child: Healthy Bags Program

Community’s Child provides nutritious foods to more than 250 impoverished food insecure children (and their siblings) attending elementary schools in the South West portion of the South Bay. Every Friday that school is in session, they deliver bags of nutritious groceries to the schools where the public health nurses, special education teachers, social workers and Principles have identified attending children as being at risk for hunger and malnutrition on the weekends, in their family homes. During the summer months when the schools and their breakfast and lunch programs are closed, we provide up to 500 local food insecure children with bags of nutritious groceries and health education services every three weeks. Serves 1,200 children weekly.

Providence TrinityKids Care Hospice: Necessities of Life

TrinityKids Care provides hospice and palliative care for children. They recognize that children require more complex levels of care due to the nature and complexity of their illness and age. While it is difficult to accept that there are children who needs these end-of-life services, the specialized team of clinicians who serve children with life-limiting illness and their families through the TrinityKids Care program are committed to the provision of these services.  They are honored to be “invited into homes” to provide guidance, love, support and compassion so critically needed by the children, as well as their family members and friends. Serves 300-400.