Celebrate the dream of California with a gourmet lunch, wine and beer

Thank you to Chef Dora, Strand Brewery and Catalina View Wines for helping make our California Dreamin’ spring event a delicious experience!

We are excited to announce that Fuel by Chef Dora is catering our lunch this year. Chef Dora is a professionally trained chef with over twenty years of experience in the culinary field. Her passion is to create wholesome, nutritious and delicious dining experiences. She is inspired by the joy and fulfillment she derives from providing warm hospitality, flavorful food and family fun.

Strand Brewing Company: Founded with the support and love from friends and family in 2009, Strand was one of the first craft breweries in Los Angeles County.

Catalina View Wines is part of Catalina View Gardens, our venue for this year. You can see their beautiful vineyard from our event! Enjoy a glass of their delightful red or white wines.

Visit https://lascandalistas.org/events/2019se/ to purchase tickets to our event to be held Thursday April 25th, 2019. Limited availability!