Debbie Sampson
This is my 9th year as a member of this fabulous organization. Being an Officer is a great way to contribute to the group. I have served as an officer for 7 years, as President, Ways and Means, Corresponding Secretary , Membership Officer, Recording secretary, and Co-President. I have also Co-chaired 3 Spring Events, and 2 fall events. We had a record year last year, and I’m hoping as Co-President, I can help us build on that success. We are looking at bringing in some changes, but ensuring our Las Candalistas stamp of  ‘classy events’ is still part of what we are. I love that our contributions to small local charities really make a difference to so many local children and their families, and to local environmental charities. As well as working hard, we know how to have fun too. If you are reading this and are vaguely interested in joining us, please reach out to us, you won’t regret it! I haven’t!