Why We Need Your Help

Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community.

Las Candalistas is an all-volunteer organization comprised of women on a specific mission: to promote the health and well-being of South Bay children and the environment. We are committed to building relationships with our community, the philanthropies we support and each other.

Our group is made up of women from different countries, states, and backgrounds. We are retired, working, business owners, caregivers, etc, all with different talents and skills. We all have one common goal, to give back to our community.

With over 55 years of recognized community service behind us, we’re proud of what we have achieved — and looking forward to what our group is yet to do. To carry our work and our spirit into the future, we’re seeking new members who share our goals. Do you want to make a difference in our local community in an atmosphere of friendship, support and fun? Las Candalistas has something for everyone.

If so, we want to hear from you. Contact us today!


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    We sat down with two of our members, Brigitte Haber who has been a member since 1988 and Kathy Black, who is newer to the group, having joined in 2016, and is a full-time teacher.

    We asked them about being a member:

    Why did you join Las Candalistas?

    Brigitte – My tennis partner and good friend, Lawrie Margrave always talked about how much fun she had as a member of this group of amazing women, called Las Candalistas.  I had young children and I was excited for an opportunity to help raise funds to benefit children and the environment in our area, the South Bay.

    Kathy - I joined Las Candalistas at the request of 3 friends who were already in the group. They knew that I have always had a passion for helping children and when they presented the mission statement of Las Candalistas, I knew it was for me.

    What positions or jobs have you had since being a member?

    Brigitte – I have been a member for 35 years and I was an active member for 33 years, so I have done a lot of different things: Walk Chair, President, Treasurer, President and Member of the Board of Directors, Membership, Co-creator and Chair of the Friends and Family Sale. I also co-chaired Gourmet Foods, Luncheon, Baked Shop, Found Treasures, Artist’s Attic, and Grounds.

    Kathy – I have been an Officer for the last 2 years as one of our Philanthropy Vice Presidents. For our events, I have helped in these areas: Sweet Shoppe, Silent Auctions, Vendors, and Wine Pull. I have also held a President special position of ‘our Adopt-A-Family’ project which we do every holiday season.

    Catch Our Spirit!

    Las Candalistas member, Liz Swanson, of RPVtv interviews 2021-2022 President Karen Stockbridge at our 2022 Spring Event 'The Secret Life of Bees."

    What position or job have you enjoyed the most?

    Brigitte – It’s hard to pick one thing, because I never volunteered for something that I did not like. I truly enjoyed each position in its own way. Many positions I held for multiple years, because I enjoyed seeing them evolve over time, made good friends, plus I learned so many very interesting and exciting things. For example, what it takes to create, prepare, and serve lunch to 1600 guests over just two days; Or how to make and keep refrigerated one thousand jars of mustards.

    Kathy - The position I have enjoyed the most is Adopt-A-Family Chair. Just knowing that less fortunate families will have a Happy Holiday, warms my heart. Although, a close second was watching the facial expressions and hearing the gratitude from our charities when we delivered their funding. Not to mention, the expressions on the faces of our students when they got to experience the Wyland Mobile Science Lab. It was priceless!!!

     What has been your favorite Las Candalistas event?

    Brigitte – It is hard to pick one event, because as soon as the new theme was known excitement started to build up within the membership, theme related ideas were exchanged, things were created during many workshops, new friendships evolved and we worked together towards our goal.  I have fond memories of wonderful times and the great feeling of accomplishment.  But, if I have to pick just one, I would choose my Walk year. I loved working with my co-chair and now special friend Barbara Smith, and I loved our theme “An Ode to Spring, A Folklore and Garlic Festival”.  Everything about it was exciting as we watched it all come together.

    Kathy - To choose a favorite Las Candalistas Event would be too difficult. I have enjoyed each and every event thrown by the amazing members of this incredible organization. I am in awe of their conviction, passion, and talents.

    What would you say to someone who is thinking of joining Las Candalistas?

    Brigitte – Las Candalistas is a group of visionary and creative women whose main purpose is to support children and the environment in the South Bay. I have built lifelong friendships and I have countless really fun memories of times we spent working together toward our goal.  I am proud of the work I have done to help Las Candalistas.  During my time so far with Las Candalistas, we have fundraised over a couple of million dollars to benefit children and the environment in the South Bay.  I especially love that we make a difference for so many smaller groups that do not necessarily get the big funds but are so essential and do so much good in the South Bay.

    Kathy – For someone who is thinking of joining this committed organization, I would say DO IT!!!! There is nothing better than knowing that you have been a part of an organization that provides so many charities with the funding to continue to be successful in assisting deserving children and the environment in the South Bay. There is always something, in some capacity, that you can do. I love the flexibility and the support that Las Candalistas offers.

    What have you enjoyed the most about being a Las Candalistas member?

    Brigitte – I have enjoyed the friendships that I have built, the creativity of the group, and all the new ways we are finding to raise money. I like being busy and Las Candalistas gave me the opportunity to be creative, stay busy while spending time with friends.  For me Las Candalistas is one source of much fun times and many fond memories.

    Kathy - What I have enjoyed the most is being able to say that I am a Las Candalistas member and all that the title encompasses. To be a part of this organization with such a passionate, committed, selfless group of women with such an incredible history, is truly a blessing.